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To date, there are so many different places for rest and recovery - and for an active or relaxing home, and for young people and for older people. If you want to make your place of rest and treatment has combined all of these criteria - then welcome to visit the villa "Golden Fleece."

Villa "Golden Fleece" provides modern inhabitant metropolis unique opportunity for a full-fledged rural getaway from the usual hustle and bustle. Here pristine nature in particular proportions coupled with the comfort of man-made service and private setting.

Properties villas will provide you comfort and the ability to communicate with nature, enjoying the scenery of the Carpathian Mountains. In winter you can make ski travel, sledding, aided by the surrounding terrain. Summer lovers "quiet hunt" can go to the "search" fragrant wild strawberries and blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. Acquainted with mushroom stock of the surrounding forest.

The proximity to the source of NAFTUSYA number 1 and number 3 NAFTUSYA will promote rapid healing and strengthen your health. Leisure activities include a trip to tour with. Urich on mountain river Stryy traveling on kvadratsyklah, hiking, rock climbing, etc.. Sports entertainment.

After an active day you can enjoy the evening birdsong, sitting in a gazebo near the barbecue under the magnificent fir branches.

The comfortable rooms at homely, you will rest easy.

The only sound that you are disturbed, is a nightingale singing outside the window and the whisper of the night forest.

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